System Integration

We hire out employees in Myanmar and train them the technique and quality to adopt Japanese standard. We provide the high quality system integration service at low cost.
Business Application Development
Web Application Development

Website Production

In this digital world, there is no doubt that having a website can enhance business development in many ways. We guarantee that our skillful and well trained developers can build a high quality website that match your business requirements.
Website Design
Web Application Development
CMS Website Development

ICT Support

Many of companies where expanded into Myanmar have troubles with creation of infrastructure environment in their offices. We provides the consulting Service for IT equipments that match with customer’s circumstances. We also support installing security for such as access control, and designing and building the server and network.
Server Network Design and Building
Security Solutions

CAD Business

Based on technology and know-how of BIGAL Co.,Ltd. which is a CAD manufacturer and belongs to MIT Holding Co.,Ltd., we train and foster employees.
Also, Japanese CAD engineers often visit here for technical exchange.
We will meet customer’s demands about CAD including drawing and tracing CAD diagrams, quickly and accurately.
Drawing Trace
Operations Support